Open for Business, the re-slogan successfully used by the NSW Liberal Party in March 2015.

Just the Central Railway Corridor alone is the 3km of state government owned land within a few kilometres of the CBD (the Central to Eveleigh corridor) — plus public housing estates in Redfern and Waterloo. The NSW Budget (22 June 2015) announced that here it is proposed to build more than 50 high-rise buildings plus many more medium-height. The budget said the re-development could house an extra 14,000 workers and 56,000 residents. (Source, The Australian, 23 June 2015.) 

This excludes major development sites of Green Square (between the city and Sydney airport) and waterfront land, re-named The Bays Precinct. Even the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse) in Ultimo near Central Railway, one of the city’s great cultural institutions (founded in 1879), is to be sold for high-rise and moved to an unspecified location near Parramatta. (Announced February 2015.) See Save the Powerhouse Site. 




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