Green Bans Art Walk and Exhibition: An exhibition in two parts at The Cross Art Projects and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space with 5 Guided Walks and self-guided (map booklet) part of Performance Space WALK season. The project commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Green Bans initiated by the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) with communities in Sydney and New South Wales.

Dates: 6 to 27 August 2011.
Collaborators: The Cross Art Projects and Big Fag Press.
Curator: Jo Holder after an idea by Jo Holder and Fiona MacDonald


Green Bans Art Walk artists, left to right:

Jo Holder, Michelle Blakeney, Stacey Miers, Joe Owens (former secretary BLF), Pat Armstrong, Marion Marrison, Mickey Quick, Fiona MacDonald, Emma Elder (front in hat), Lucas Ihlein, Ian Millis, Louise Anderson (front), Jim Donovan (former secretary Woolloomooloo Residents Action Group, secretary WWF Sydney Branch), Christoper Dean. And more …

Opening Speakers: Jack Mundey, Peter McClelland, president CFMEU and Edmund Campion.
Walks speakers: Wendy Bacon, Phillip Boulten, Meredith Burgmann, Christoper Dean, Jim Donovan, Michael Davies, Michael Dysart, Merilyn Fairskye, Colin James, Stacey Miers, Ian Milliss, Catriona Moore, Joe Owens and more en route.
Individuals: Edda Boyd, Penelope Campbell, Alan Davies, Rhonda Davies, Simon Drake, Shirley Fitzgerald, Jennifer Glass, Belinda Hanrahan, Anne Higham, Maxine Kauter, Meret MacDonald, Steven Miller, Kate Milner, Eva Rodriguez-Riestra, Lee Rhiannon, Neil Towart, Paul True, Mick Tubbs, Tom Uren, Jacky Wilson.
Organisations: City of Sydney Council, Firstdraft Depot Project Space, MCA for TV screen, Hazelhurst Art Gallery for frames, Institute of Architects, Macquarie University Art Museum, Trades Hall Association and Unions NSW, CFMEU (Construction), Mitchell Library SLNSW, Noel Butlin Archives at Australian National University, Housing NSW.
Performance Space: Daniel Brine, Bec Dean, Julieanne Campbell, Amelia Wallin, Rosie Fisher.
Project: co-ordinator Diego Bonetto, walks leader Lucas Ihlein, speakers Jo Holder.
Project interns: Jo Shi (XAP) and Louise Anderson (BFP).
Printing: Big Fag Press (Fiona Macdonald’s Victoria St and Woolloomooloo prints and Pat Armstrong’s Civic Survey Map) and Blood and Thunder (walks booklet and flier.)
First Draft Depot Directors: especially Lionel Bawden, Catherine Connolly and Georgie Meagher.
Tour volunteers (marshalling, carrying first aid and the mike): Sophie Bosch, Rosie Fisher, Jennifer Glass, Tesha Jeffress, Sue Krajnik, Anthony Krithinakis, Liz McCrystal, Catherine McElhone, Georgie Meagher, Anthony Muzik, Amelia Wallin, Julian Woods and Jeff K and Julieanne C (from Performance Space.)
First Draft Depot gallery minders: Sandra Joy Dodds, Lydia Dowman, Brianna Small, Liz McCrystal, Lia Wittig.
Special thanks: Firstdraft depot gallery minder Brianna Small.

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