Green Bans Art Walks, Documentary Film by Justin Hewitson, 2011


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Civic Map Walk of Victoria St & Wooloomooloo Green Bans.
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Woolloomooloo Walk: A one-hour Walking Tour through one of Sydneys oldest suburbs. Urban Renewal Group, Department of Housing, 1988. WooloomoolooWalk Pg1 - WooloomoolooWalk Pg2


The Green Bans Art Walks — Documentary Photos

Five public guided walks between the exhibition venues,The Cross Art Projects in Kings Cross and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space in Riley St Wooloomooloo. They took place on Saturdays and Sundays (6, 7, 13 and 20) in August 2011. All five walks booked out in the first week. People walked with a rotating group of expert speakers on the art, architecture and planning — about 6 to 8 voices per walk. Each route was different and created a ‘boots and all’ mapping of significant sites. 

Prior to this, three trial walks led by Michele Blakeney, Stacey Miers, Jack and Judy Mundey and Jim Donovan, plotted significant Green Ban sites. The sites are recorded on the Civic Map Walk of Victoria St & Wooloomooloo Green Bans made by Pat Armstrong and Jo Holder and printed on the Big Fag Press. 

The walk was guided by eight "Juanita" stencils created by Mini Graff and based on a Green Bans commemorative stencil made by Peter Kennedy in 1975. 

Photographs are by Jo Holder, Sung Pak, Jo Shi, Louise Kate Anderson, Alex Wisser, Michelle Blakeney and Fiona MacDonald.


Trial Walk 1 — 8 May 2011

Local Guides Michele Blakeney and Stacey Miers with Lucas Ihlein, Fiona MacDonald. Photos by Jo Holder.

Wooloomooloo Playground Seat. Stacey Miers and Michelle Blakeney Margel Hinder, Aphrodite, bronze sculpture in Denis Winston Place 1981.
Lane to Rae Place  
Mrs Cook's Sculpture - cnr Nicholson and Forbes St Rae Place - informal Community Area. Gentrification of the contaminated former service station site at the corner of Cowper Wharf Rd and Dowling St. Residents objected to the over-development and the failure to remove the pollutants. Victoria Towers in the background. 


Trial Walk 2 with Jack Mundey — 3 June 2011
Local Guides Jack Mundey and Judy Mundey with Jo Holder, Lucas Ihlein, Stacey Miers, Mickie Quick. Photos by Sung Pak.

Wooloomooloo to Centrepoint Tower. Judy Mundey, Stacey Miers, Jack Mundey and Mick Quick. Red Post Office Box in Wooloomooloo.  
Forbes Street Wooloomooloo to Harry Seidler Tower. Rail Pylon - Proposed Linear Park, Strategic Plan 1977. The Bells Hotel, Cowper Wharf Rd, Wooloomooloo. Bells has good memorablia.  

Trial Walk 3 with Jim Donovan — 4 July 2011
Local Guides Jim Donovan and Judy Donovan with Diego Bonetto, Elena Bonetto, Justin Hewitson, Jo Holder, Lucas Ihlein, Fiona MacDonald, Marion Marrison, Mickie Quick. Photos by Jo Shi.

Guide Jim Donovan, former secretary Waterside Workers Federation and Woolomooloo resident.
Container Garden Mural at the former Community Container Garden, 2004-2009. Rear St Columkilies Church — Brougham St  
Heart of the Victoria St Green Bans — Mick Fowler Memorial Plaque. Rowena Place. Jim Donovan lived at no.2 for 35 years. His family was the last to leave this area. 4th July 2011, 36th Anniversary of Juanita Neilson Disappearence and Murder. Tributes at the plaque at her 202 Victoria Street home.  

Walk 1 — 12 noon, Saturday 6 August 2011
Walk Guides Lucas Ihlein and Mickie Quick with Michael Davies, Michael Dysart, Phillip Boulten, Stacey Miers, Christopher Dean and Ian Milliss.
Photos by Louise Kate Anderson.

Mini Graff, Juanita stencil - First Draft Depot. The first of eight markers on the walk. Michael Davies, architect, with his 1971 'Living in the Shadows' Map. Guide Mickie Quick discusses the mysterious Juanita Stencil  
Michael Dysart, architect and designer of the 'Posh Terraces' on Nellie Stewart Square.
Juanita Nielson poster with Juanita Neilson Centre Phillip Boulten at Green Bans Murals, discussing Tom Uren & Federal Government's role in Woolloomooloo renewal. Mini Graff, Juanita stencil, 2011 after Peter Kennedy stencil, 1975. One of the six walk markers


Exhibition Opening, Part 1 at The Cross Art Projects — 6 August 2011
Opening talk by Jack Mundey and Peter McClelland.
Photos by Alex Wisser.

Jack Mundey Opening Speech with Fiona MacDonald, portrait, 2011 Peter McClelland, president CFMEU and Jack Mundey, secretary BLF, 1968-1974 (now CFMEU) Green Bans walkers listen to Jack Mundey Opening Speech
Finaldraft's Lionel Bowder, The Green Ban Archives, 1971-74 at The Cross Art Projects Michael Davies, Green Bans Archives, including Michael Davies 'Some talk change others cause it', flier 1971 Hands off the BLF

Exhibition Opening, Part 2 at The Firstdraft Depot — 6 August 2011
Opening talks by Edmund Campion, writer, former parish priest at St Columkilies and first secretary of the Wooloomooloo Residents Action Group, and Joe Owens, Builders' Labourers' Federation NSW Secretary 1973-74.

Edmund Campion - on the formation of the Wooloomooloo Residents Action Group. In background is Pat Fiske's Wooloomooloo film.
Joe Owens BLF Secretary 1973-74. Photographer Marion Marision on the portraits she took in 1974 for her Green Bans book.


Walk 2 — 2.30pm - Saturday 6 August 2011
Local Guides Jo Holder, Lucas Ihlein, Mickie Quick and Stacey Miers with Jack Mundey, Jim Donovan, Wendy Bacon, Christopher Dean and Ian Milliss.
Photos by Michelle Blakeney.

Jack Mundey at Mick Fowler Memorial Plaque on McElhone Stairs, Victoria St. The Mick Fowler commemorative plaque is at the top of McElhone Stairs. and reads: “Memorial Plaque/to/Mick Fowler/Seaman, Musician & Green Bans Activist/ 1927-1979/For his gallant stand against demolition / of workers homes with the Builders /Labourers Federation Green Bans/ They were hard old days, they were battling days they were cruel but then in spite of it all, Victoria Street will see low income housing for workers again from his friends.
Walk 2, descending McElhone Stairs, Victoria St to Woolloomooloo. Walk 2 from St Columbkilles (known locally as St Comicals, Pring St
At Wharfies Square, Jim Donovan, former secratary of Sydney branch of Waterside Workers Federation, gave a history of the battles for better conditions. Michelle's t-shirt in the foreground recognises another legendary wharfie and fighter for rights - Chick Dixon. Jim was a pall–bearer at Chicka Dixon's funeral. Forbes St - The central spine of the Woolloomooloo renewal design


Walk 3 — Sunday 7 August 2011
Local Guides Wendy Bacon, Christopher Dean, Fiona MacDonald Phillip Boulten, Jo Holder and Ian Milliss with Joe Owens.
Photos by Fiona MacDonald. *Photos coming soon


Walk 4 — 13 August 2011
Guides Lucas Ihlein and Stacey Miers with Colin James, Jim Donovan, and Fiona MacDonald.
Photos by Fiona MacDonald.

Colin James, appointed by Tom Uren and Department of Housing as the Residents' Architect/Advocate in 1975.
Residents' architect Colin James with artist Lucus Ihlein. Jim Donovan speaking on struggles on the waterfront and the rich militant maritime history.
Jim Donovan and Lucus Ihlein Stacey Miers talking at St Collumkillies Church Stacey Miers at Winston Place


Walk 5 — Saturday 20 August 2011
Local Guides Jo Holder, Lucus Ihlein, Mickie Quick and Christopher Dean with Merideth Burgman, Merilyn Fairskye, Fiona MacDonald, Karen Mills and Justin Hewitson.
Photos by Fiona MacDonald and Jo Shi.

Meredith Burgmann co-author of  'Green Bans Red Union' on the BLs. Karen Mills and Fiona MacDonald, beside 115 Victoria St Mini Graff talks to one of 8 mysterious memorials. These re-create Peter Kennedy's 1975 stencils.
Down Hordern Stairs. The stairs were re-opened after resident protest c.2008 Hordern Stairs 1882 Bottom of Hordern Stairs. View upto 55-115 Victoria St (the Three Sisters). Developer Frank Theeman's original 45-storey proposal to destroy the sandstone cliff.

Green Bans Murals at Tom Uren Square. Mural artist Merilyn Fairskye talking on the famous Green Bans Murals at Tom Uren Square.
Art historian Christine Dean on Margel Hinder, Aphrodite, bronze sculpture in Denis Winston Place 1981.
The best playground in the inner-city. At on Nellie Stewart Square. Finale!

Green Bans Film Night - Saturday 27 August 2011 at Wooloomooloo Police and Citizens Youth Club
Talk by Documentary Filmmaker Pat Fiske *Photos coming soon

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