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Personal Papers

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Audios, Films, Interviews & Websites

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Mick Fowler and the Fowlhouse Five: recorded fifteen tracks including “Hindustan” and the “Victoria Street Parade”. For the latter song, Mick changed the lyrics and the title of the classic “Bourbon Street Parade”. In 1979 for Mick Fowler's funeral jazz musicians walked down Victoria St playing 'Green Bans Forever'. See specialist Jazz sites for deleted or out of copyright recordings.

Jack Mundey, Interviews with:

Jack Mundey, ABC702, 5 February 2010:

Jack Mundey AO is one of Australia's leading environmental crusaders. Podcast of radio interview at: 

Jack Mundey Interview ABC 1999: Download as pdf

Resident Action Groups: Local History / Oral History

Millers Point Community: A site recording the living history of Millers Point - the place and its people. At fictional films Heatwave and The Killing of Angel Street.

Green Bans: chronological bibliography of individual green bans, 1971-1975

Kelly’s Bush 

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NW Expressway (late-1972 to 1975)

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On the 50th anniversary of the Green Bans, the ideals of their struggle to protect heritage and environmental amenity for all to enjoy are more urgent than ever. In 2011 the Green Bans Art Walk and Exhibition (in two parts at The Cross Art Projects and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space), told the story of an inspired period, its charismatic leaders and grass-roots heroes. The project comprised a series of public guided walks between the exhibition venues functioned as a living instruction manual and moral compass charting stories of good and evil, creativity and conflict. Read more


The Powerhouse Museum Alliance is a group of concerned citizens working to save the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. The Alliance includes longstanding benefactors of the museum, former trustees, design and heritage experts and senior museum professionals. Read more