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The Cross Art Projects:
Big Fag Press:

Green Bans Audios and Films

Rocking the Foundations: A History of the NSW Builders Labourers Federation 1947-1974, 1986. 92 minutes, DVD and 16mm. Produced and directed by Pat Fiske.

Interviews with Jack Mundey

Jack Mundey, ABC702, 5 February 2010:
Jack Mundey AO is one of Australia's leading environmental crusaders. He is also officially an Australian Living Treasure. In the 1970s Jack led the unions' famous 'green bans', which were instrumental in conserving Sydney's urban heritage. Podcast of radio interview at:

Jack Mundey Interview ABC 1999: Download as pdf

Victoria Street Soundwalk (with archival film footage):

Mick Fowler and the Fowlhouse Five: recorded fifteen tracks including “Hindustan” and the “Victoria Street Parade”. For the latter song, Mick changed the lyrics and the title of the classic “Bourbon Street Parade”. In 1979 for Mick Fowler's funeral jazz musicians walked down Victoria St playing 'Green Bans Forever'. See specialist Jazz sites for deleted or out of copyright recordings.

Local History / Oral History

Millers Point Community: A site recording the living history of Millers Point - the place and its people. At


2011: Green Bans Art Walk and Exhibition. The Cross Art Projects, Big Fag Press, Firstdraft Depot and Performance Space.

2011: The Right to the City, 2011: an exhibition, symposium and book about ways to remake cities in more socially connected and sustainable ways. curated by Zanny Begg and Lee Stickells, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University.

2015: Down City Streets, three gathering-based events and workshops. By Sydney College of Arts, Space, Place and Country research cluster.

2015: The Point is… Community, Heritage, Relationships, Art, Home, No Surrender. Save Millers Point. Exhibition Coordinated by Paddi O’Leary. Curated by Cara Martinez. Venue 107 Projects, Redfern.

2015: Groundworks–From the Archives up. An exhibition and series of public programs at Gaffa Gallery by the New Landscapes Institute. The forgotten and unknown history of the city meets new experimental art and architecture.

Forced Out documentary on Millers Point evictions and dispersal, by Blue Lucine

Art Activist Archives

Public Art: cultural figures raise the alarm about the City’s neglected public sculpture, both historic and contemporary at

Woolloomooloo Green Bans Murals by Matthias Tomczak:

Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty, 2006: a minibus tour of inner-city Sydney produced by Squatspace or SquatSpace at

Housing the Seafaring Nation: Millers Point and The Rocks, 2009: An Ephemeral Public Art Installation by Ruark Lewis. National Trust (NSW), Observatory Hill; Abraham Mott Community Centre and Baby Health Centre in Millers Point, Sydney (Lewis and Holder). Curator Jo Holder.

There Goes The Neighbourhood, 2009: an exhibition and book about the contested inner city suburb of Redfern in Sydney, curated by Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg, Performance Space at CarriageWorks.

SquatSpace, Squatters' Handbook Chapter 11 at

Public Housing

The Millers Point and The Rocks and Woolloomooloo communities are part of a broader network of pubic and social housing communities in NSW.

In 2014 the State Government announced the sale of Waterloo Estate. The majority are over 60 years old and women. The fight is about the future of public (also called social) housing. There has been some limited success ensuring tenants are re-homed in re-developed estates.

Here are some links to communities fighting sell-offs around NSW.

Save Our Homes - Millers Point, Dawes Point & The Rocks -

Clearing House on NSW's Public Housing Sell-off with important links to other communities fighting sell-offs. At

Tenants' Union of NSW: The peak non-government organisation representing tenants and other renters in New South Wales, Australia. At

Clearing House: An invaluable record of what's going on in public housing estate ‘activations’ in New South Wales.

The Brown Couch: a place where tenants can catch up on the latest news. At

Shelter NSW: the state's peak advocate for housing justice. At


On the 50th anniversary of the Green Bans, the ideals of their struggle to protect heritage and environmental amenity for all to enjoy are more urgent than ever. In 2011 the Green Bans Art Walk and Exhibition (in two parts at The Cross Art Projects and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space), told the story of an inspired period, its charismatic leaders and grass-roots heroes. The project comprised a series of public guided walks between the exhibition venues functioned as a living instruction manual and moral compass charting stories of good and evil, creativity and conflict. Read more


The Powerhouse Museum Alliance is a group of concerned citizens working to save the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. The Alliance includes longstanding benefactors of the museum, former trustees, design and heritage experts and senior museum professionals. Read more